What is Glutamine and How It Will Help You Gain Muscle

Under-rated and often overlooked amino acid(a building block for proteins), L-glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid found in the body, produced in the muscles, and distributed by your blood to organs in need. Glutamine plays a role in synthesizing protein, fueling cells that protect the intestines, supporting immune system cells, and help detoxify the liver.
L-glutamine also acts as a secondary fuel source and helps create important compounds including glucose and purines – the building blocks of DNA.

Benefits to Building Muscle

Glutamine’s role in protein synthesis or muscle-building state by supplying 35% of nitrogen to muscles helps prevent muscle breakdown and because of the high nitrogen balance, you retain more muscle. In addition, Glutamine burns fat through the secretion of human growth hormone(HGH). HGH levels can increase to over 300% resulting in an increased resting metabolic rate when using glutamine supplements. Glutamine’s ability to promote fat loss and protein synthesis means a bigger leaner physique.
The demands bodybuilders and athletes place on their bodies through training induces muscle soreness created by micro-tears in muscle fiber can slow down recovery and lead to low-quality workouts. Supplementing with L-Glutamine can protect against muscle mass breakdown caused by training and improve protein metabolism helping to reduce post-workout muscle soreness. With less muscle soreness and faster recovery time, you can increase your training volume producing greater results.

Natural Sources of Glutamine

Glutamine can be found in protein-rich foods like fish, chicken, eggs, beans, spinach, cabbage, beef, milk, yogurt, and protein drinks. A diet consisting of these foods is a great way to promote muscle recovery and growth.
In conclusion, although overlooked, Glutamine is an important amino acid in the role of muscle recovery and growth along with aiding in boosting immunity and protecting our intestines.

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