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Top Exercises to Build Biceps

One of the first body parts everyone wants to learn how to grow their biceps. Other than perhaps the chest. The biceps are one driving factor that get a non-weight trainer to become a full fledged gym rat. The quest to build massive biceps. Biceps that stretch the sleeves of your shirt.

Large powerful muscular biceps is a symbol of strength, masculinity and power. Below are three core exercises that will help you build large, muscular biceps.
Large powerful muscular biceps is a symbol of strength, masculinity, and power. Below are core exercises that will help you build large muscular biceps.

Standing Barbell Curl

The mass builder. This is a no-brainer but what is over-looked is technique and form. All young weight trainers use this exercise as an ego booster, to show off their strength and impress the female gym patrons. The result; limited gains and perhaps injury. For the standing barbell curl to be effective it must be performed correctly.
Proper technique is critical to build massive powerful biceps. Grab the barbell shoulder-width apart setting your feet parallel to your hands, knees slightly bent. The barbell should be loaded with a weight that will allow you to perform 10-12 reps without the need to rock the barbell to the top of your movement. Your number one concern should be form, not weight. At the top of the movement, squeeze your biceps. Squeezing your bicep is the key to growing your bicep, not the amount of weight. After your squeeze, slowly lower the barbell in a controlled motion. In addition, make sure your wrists are straight the whole time. Bent wrists lead to tenison being taken off the biceps, in turn affecting your gains. The que I like to use for this is squeezing the barbell the whole range of motion.

Preacher Curls

This exercise is performed on a machine called the Preacher bench. Preachers curls allow you to isolate the bicep and can be performed as a dumbbell, barbell, or machine exercise.
To perform the preacher curl; sit on the preacher bench where your armpit to rest at the top of the pad, grab the barbell so that your wrist is even with your bicep(I should be able to “connect” the middle of each with a straight line), raise the bar squeezing your bicep at the top of the movement, then slowly lower the barbell to complete the motion. Now if you want to hit different parts of the bicep you can move your hands out from the midline to target the inner (or long head) more. Or, if you want to target the outer head (or short head) more, move your hands in from the midline.

Concentration Curls

Called the concentration curl because you are to focus your thoughts on the bicep, the movement and the squeeze. This exercise is performed with a lighter weight dumbbell, allowing you to control the movement and focus on developing your bicep’s peak.
To perform the concentration curl; sit on a bench with a single dumbbell between your legs, grab the dumbbell and place that your arm is resting on your inner thigh, curl the weight squeezing your bicep at the top of the movement, slowly lower the dumbbell to complete the motion. Remember to keep your wrist straight! Just like a barbell curl letting your wrist relax takes tension off your bicep, in turn hurting your all so precious gains.
These are just a few but excellent foundation exercises to build your bicep. As you begin to see results, try alternating grips to hit different regions of the bicep allowing for a fully developed bicep. But the most important thing to remember is TENSION. Squeezing your bicep is the key to build biceps that impress.
If you are having trouble getting your biceps to grow, watch this video on possible reasons.