Top Exercises to Build Biceps
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One of the first body parts everyone wants to learn how to grow their biceps. Other than perhaps the chest. The biceps are one driving factor that get a non-weight trainer to become a full fledged gym rat. The quest to build massive biceps. Biceps that stretch the sleeves of your shirt. Large powerful muscular… View Article
Bulking Season Smoothie Recipe
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What you will need:  Blender (preferably nutribullet or similar product) Scale (not 100% needed but helps track macros easier and keeps the final product be more consistent)   Ingredients:  Blender (preferably nutribullet or similar product) 130g Oats (I use Quaker Oats old fashioned oats) 40g Peanut Butter (I use Jif creamy peanut butter) Almond Milk,… View Article
Best Built Man Frank Zane
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With the unofficial title: Bodybuilder You’d Most Want to Look Like, Frank Zane’s aesthetic, muscular physique earned him three Mr. Olympia titles from 1977 to 1979. Zane’s reign as the top bodybuilder represented a shift in emphasis from mass to aesthetics featuring a thin waistline and wide shoulders producing the distinctive V-taper. Frank Zane was… View Article
Prioritize Your Life, Prioritize Your Health
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Let’s face it your health affects all aspects of your life. Once we are faced with a health crisis we are challenged with changing our lifestyle, diet and possibly our finances. Most people wait until a health crisis hits before they make their body a priority. Why wait? Make your body, your health a priority… View Article
Benefits of CBD Oil Treatment for Muscle Recovery and Joint Soreness
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Whether you are hitting the weights, running, biking, or pounding the court your joints are bearing the burden. Most of us who train regularly have experienced nagging joint soreness from sessions at the gym, running, or hitting the court for a round of tennis. Joint pain affects millions around the world and it’s not limited… View Article
Top 5 Ways to Burn Fat
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Gaining body fat is easy. Poor eating, lack of exercise, lack of sleep all lead to the potential of increased unhealthy body fat. Losing body fat and maintaining a lean muscular body doesn’t have to be hard. It’s a matter of change. Changing bad habits for fat-burning habits. Below is a list of five ways… View Article